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Clic Homes

Change is everything!

Clic Homes is a joint venture between well known industry innovators in the home development sector.  By joining the forces of Monteer and Kehl we bring innovation, efficiency, and the latest technology to their designs giving you the chance to live in a house of the future while keeping the comfort and style that make it a home.

At Clic Homes we know everyone has different needs, tastes and preferences which is why we work with our clients to ensure that their new house is truly their dream home.


Meet the Developers

Gary Monteer

Has a proven record of accomplishments with over 40 years of diverse experience governing organizations in the residential and commercial construction marketplace, and has excelled in Designing and Drafting award-winning home plans for the past 26 years. He is a bold, conceptual innovator, skilled at promoting substantial equity development through the early corporate introductory stage into liquidity. Gary will draw from his deep industry knowledge of operations strategy and commercialization, to be the catalyst to drive Clic Home.          

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